Ajax may actually suck

Why Ajax Sucks fooled me, a few Forest Service folks, and probably the rest of the internet tomorrow: So Jakob Nielsen doesn’t like Ajax.

Here’s a serious rebuttal, followed up with the truth: Jakob Nielsen thinks most things suck, and his articles make good templates.

But Ajax may actually suck! I actually like Ajax, but I’ll try to be spoofer’s-advocate for the moment.

The unit of the internet is the page. Addressibility of a page is coming on strong in social web systems. We talk about it a lot at ProClarity too. A URL points at something to look at and to talk about. If what’s “at” the URL depends on people, or things, diddling with dynamic widgets on the “page” first, that’s a problem for those systems, because what’s being talked about is an entry point, not anything that interesting.

You certainly can solve this, and it’s not Ajax’s fault (the rebuttler rebutts), but will “the web is a VB form” programmers using Ajax bother to solve it? Sounds like work. Mmm, don’t like work. Ajax shiny.

I wonder how the Windows Presentation Framework navigation model deals with addressibility?