I’m Wade Dorrell. I live in Idaho with my wife and kids. I love teaching & learning from them, camping & backpacking, sketching & painting, Lego, creative experiments like gardening, screen printing, brewing beer, putting things back together that somehow got taken apart, and everything else, unless it involves mayonnaise.

I’m a software craftsman. I love solving important & difficult problems with my eyes, ears, a keyboard, and my own two hands.

You can get hold of me at wade@dorrells.org, or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/waded.

So what’s the deal with this website?

waded.org first said “200 OK” from a Pentium II stuffed in the back of a walk-in closet in 2002. It’s always been a blog “about me” or “about things I care about”, just as this post is. It suffered massive data loss in 2005 during a turf war with dress pants, but since you’re reading this, there must be at least something left! Please enjoy.