Adding line numbers to printouts/PDFs

At WhiteCloud we like to use paper printouts in meetings. It helps us focus on listening, and people just review & write feedback/notes on the papers. Way better than fiddly projection & fiddly iPads/laptops.

Line numbering printouts helps in discussion and reference.  This can be fiddly too, at least for the person making the printouts! The wiki we use, Confluence, doesn’t have line numbering, and as far as I can tell there’s no line-number-this HTML technology. (Where is that? That’d be cool!)

So here’s how I get line numbers on printouts:

  1. Export/print to PDF, favoring export if the website has it
  2. Open the PDF in Word 2013 (Word can open & edit PDFs, and has really good line numbering options)
  3. Under Page Layout choose Line Numbers, Continuous
  4. Print!

What doesn’t work well: Confluence’s unordered lists (bullets) seem to cause some trouble for PDF-to-Word conversion if you’ve edited the bulleted lists many times.

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