Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on HP TouchSmart 600-1005xt

I’ve left this article in place for archival reasons. Here’s the most current version regarding installing Windows 8 on the HP TouchSmart 600-1005xt after Windows 8 was available in stores.

I was having trouble installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on an HP TouchSmart 600 (specifically model 600-1005xt) using VHD to keep my Windows 7 install intact. After booting from the Windows 8 disc, the picture of the betta fish and chasing dots appeared, but then all the significant whirrings stopped and nothing else happened for who knows how long1.

My solution was: In the BIOS I changed the SATA Controller Mode2 from AHCI to IDE, then tried installing again. No wait at all!

Warning: Just because this worked several times for me doesn’t mean it’ll work again for me, or anybody. And in my case, I wanted to use both Windows 7 and Windows 8 at the same time, and it makes getting back to Windows 7 on the non-VHD drive unpleasant, as it was (probably) installed with the setting at ACHI. It requires a last-known-good boot to get back to Windows 7 in this configuration.

1 30 minutes, going on forever, so I shut it down at that point
2 The specific setting I changed is under Advanced, SATA1 Controller, SATA Controller Mode, in the BIOS menu (press F10 at the blue HP screen as the PC starts up.)

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  1. I tried to download windows 8 from the micrsoft website and it worked for a little while but now its frozen and it just spins and cuts on and off.It want let me log on at all even after i went into safemode it just doesnt load at all

  2. Hi, I’ve installed this on the same machine, but it will not boot into Windows 8 after powering/restarting the computer. I did the bios AHCI to IDE but that didn’t solve the problem; I just get a blank screen and unresponsive computer when booting up. It will work fine on a fresh install oddly enough, just now after powering on.

    Any ideas?

    • I think I understand what you’re saying, but let me be sure. If you’re saying that, after switching from AHCI to IDE, you were able to boot off the Windows 8 disc, install, and start using Windows 8, awesome! That’s my experience too. I dare say that’s the only way to get Windows 8 Consumer Preview to work on this particular model. I suspect it’s a flaw in an on-disc driver, and at least for my computers, Microsoft’s track record has been flawless on fixing on-disc driver issues that show up in “beta.” So I’m not really worried about it, but if you are, please shout on forums and refer to this article. Maybe we can help.

      If you’re saying you first tried starting the install from Windows 7 (not by booting directly off the Windows 8 disc), it doesn’t surprise me it didn’t complete installing. And once you take that path, I don’t think you can switch from AHCI to IDE at that point to get the install completed… changing that seems to confuse the boot process, as in my “unpleasant” (although successful, phew) experience switching between the Windows 7 install (that was installed with the setting on AHCI) and Windows 8 (installed with the setting on IDE.)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I tried installing on a different partition using your method on a HP TouchSmart 600 with no luck. Screen stays black. Next I’m going to try to reinstall and try to start using safe mode…

    • I tried safe mode to get past this issue with Consumer Preview, but it didn’t help. I didn’t try that with Release Preview. Please let me know how it goes!

  4. Hello
    my experience is the next with 600 touchsmart
    copy the microsoft installation disk in an external hard drive, booting up the pc I told him to do from that unit
    all right, I said that is installed under the same external drive, all right, it was a dual boot and everything works fine except the touch screen, I guess you take out HP support to solve it by ahoa work with both windows 7 or 8 and either
    sorry English is translation of gooogle