Windows Live Essentials 2011: where’s the file menu?

One thing I think Microsoft nailed in Office 2010 is making it easier to use & explain: we brought back the “File” menu that was disguised as an orb in Office 2007 (the  proper name is “Office Button”)

Yes, “File” as in “How do you print? You click File then you click Print.” If you missed this, there was no “File” in Office 2007. Well, no matter, it’s back in Office 2010.

It’s interesting that the hot-off-the-presses Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta apps, which have an Office-like feel, haven’t caught up on this change, and are stuck in a very awkward spot between Office 2007 and Office 2010:

OneNote's file menu
(OneNote 2010, the coolest application you never used, has a “File” menu.)

Windows Live's non-descript menu
(Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011, the other coolest application you never used, has a, um, well I guess it’s a menu.)

I suspect the Windows Live team built on foundation laid for Windows 7 apps, which came out when Office teams had made the from “orb” to “tab”, but hadn’t got as far as bringing the text “File” back.

Please Windows Live team… bust that foundation up and do it right. This button has no reasonable name. It looks like a desk phone, I suppose. At least the orb was describable as an orb!

Don’t look a gift robot horse in the mouth

“Android Trojan” (malicious software that does something other than what it seems to do, on Google’s operating system with the cute name) was tickling my language nerve this morning.

Humans-looking-like-a-horse and a robot-looking-like-a-human.

The general recommendation to avoid any sort of trojan on any sort of phone  to only install applications from the “app store”, which on Android evidently not as good a virus-scanner-looking-like-a-marketplace as it needs to be.