How to cancel your FriendFeed account

Since deleting a FriendFeed account isn’t obvious in the account interface, and I wasted a bit of time there, I thought I’d share the top-secret URL:

Why am I canceling? A number of reasons, but mainly that I reorganized to Google Reader + SharePoint/Outlook 2010 methods of finding & sharing reading material, as well as Twitter clients for local & lighter stuff. FriendFeed served all those needs at one point, but it’s not being improved, and I can’t do anything about that, and I wanted to move on to things that are, or I can.

FriendFeed’s a great app, though, and beyond app function, I found a lot of the blogs/people I read through it.

Lego Rubik’s cube solver


Now, don’t let the purple conduits (which transmit high-energy plasma) bamboozle you. The algorithms for solving a cube in 21 moves are available as software (for example) and after getting webcam images of all 6 sides to the software, the motors just need to do have at it.

Still, I approve of the application of Lego to any problem. It’s rare a toy is so extendable to something like building robots (or transmitting high-energy plasma) so I love getting these things for my kids (and playing with them too.)

Bacon Latte

My brother-in-law mused on Facebook “will somebody please make a bacon latte?” It’s not a half-bad idea, and someone in San Francisco’s pulled it off:

While some might say that bacon has had its moment, it’s hard to deny this beloved smoked meat’s continued encroachment on the food world. Upon first sip, you’ll notice you’re drinking a creamier, smokier latte thanks to the homemade organic bacon and bacon-fat mixture that’s whisked into the milk and maple syrup, then poured over the double shots of espresso.

And bacon bits on top. I might have to make my brother one.

The bacon picture