End of free Wi-Fi at the Boise airport?

Wi-fi is free at the Boise airport, sponsored originally by MPC Computers, and more recently by Idaho Business Review.

Google brought free Holiday 2009 wi-fi to many US airports, promoting Google’s homepage and select charities, including in Boise. The Idaho Business Review landing page on flyboise disappeared, replaced by a gauntlet of Google pages. I see no obvious signs of a struggle.

Though I mourn displacement of a local business, the new network works very well. But for how long? On January 15 the holiday offer ends. Will Google’s gift horse live on, sans festive ribbon? Or will Idaho Business Review resume sponsorship? (I worry they might be satisfied with the new obnoxious plasma TVs.)

Or will someone new sling wireless service at BOI? And will it continue to be free & good?

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