Fixing an Apple Cinema HD display stand

[If you don’t want to read my hillbilly prose, long story short: I used duct tape to fix a 2003-era Apple Cinema HD 23” display back leg. It doesn’t really work; there’s too much pressure on a small point. I suspect this design was never meant to last more than 5 years. Yes, another quality Apple design. A fix is to order a new leg; they’re still around… I found the part number, and shops that carry it, via Bing. -Wade]

Our big ol’ computer (one of those Apple Cinema Hi-Definition things) busted. Looks like Steve-o  put screws in plastic which was never meant to take screws… and only one side no less… over 6 years the plastic turns into some kind of cheese, or some dang thing.

Apple Cinema HD display broken

We tried super-gluin’ it. Didn’t take. We tried puttin’ the fancy Christmas placemats under the legs, to stop the slip ‘n’ slide action that broke the thing in the first dang place, plus extra glue. Didn’t take. Well, worked for a while, but down at Wal-Mart they’ve got the wreaths out already, so we’ll be needin’ them placemats soon, plus it fell (and can’t get up!) again.

Time to try something else.

Now I can give the missus back her holiday finery.

Apple Cinema HD display with duct tape

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  1. This is exactly what just happened to my Apple HD monitor. The stand simply fell apart — I could have taken that photo you posted. I tried the Super Glue too, which immediately failed just as yours did. Then I went online looking for a replacement stand. Found one on sale for $189 (down from $249). Are they kidding?

    So I’m going to try your duct tape method. Either that or keep on asking other Mac folks how they solved this problem. We can’t be the only ones. Is yours still standing?

  2. I ended up selling it on Craigslist in mid-2010 to someone looking to match another monitor of exactly the same kind. Then the part was priced reasonably, relatively… $75 on average. As far as I know he was able to repair it.

    The part must be really scarce now! Ouch!

    The duct tape method really didn’t work… super glue I tried in all seriousness, but by the time I tried duct-tape I was just being dramatic. :) Hope you find a solution.

  3. I came by your page as I was looking for a way to prop up my old, heavy Apple Cinema Display whose rear leg was also breaking off. Eventually I found other sites recommending the perfect solution: a ProLine FS100E guitar stand! It holds the Cinema Display neatly and securely, for only $15! I bought one for myself (from Amazon) and I’m very happy with it; finally my Cinema Display is usable again. The only problem is that the guitar stand holds the display leaned back at a bit more tilt than I’d like; I want it to be straight up-and-down. I’m going to work on finding ways to prop the display more upright.

      • Guitar stand is nice but what if I could fix it and keep the same design ?

        Here is a simple but powerful solution … Just drill three holes on the other side of the broken stand and screw the screws from the other side. This way all the force will go to the back of the stand and will last forever…


    • Brian,
      Your a genius! Thank you for this Idea. I ordered a new foot for the back and tried to install it. I couldn’t make the screw holes line up with the tiny screws. Had to bend it back real hard and then broke the cast pot metal spring part inside the Cinema Display.
      Fortunately the foot is still in tact so I can sent it back for a refund. Ordered the ProLine FS100E Guitar Stand from Amazon which should arrive in a few days.
      Thank you!

  4. Here we are in 2016. I just bought a very cheap, very nice 20″ Apple Cinema Display 2003 vintage, with the loose stand problem.
    An instant solution is simply to position the stand on the power cord- doesn’t slip any more!

  5. Non slip rubber on the stand will keep it from slipping. Usually it’s the metal tab that breaks not the plastic stand, then your just stuck.

  6. Just fixed an apple studio. Took the back clear plastic off, the silver plastic off, turned the hinge upside down. ( after grinding two nubs off ) Also had to enlarge the clear and silver plastic opening for the hinge, about an 1/8 inch. Perfect, with a good angle.