Sony’s eBook Library Software 3.0 looks for better hardware

Yesterday Sony released eBook Library Software 3.0, which runs on PCs. Before this came a Sony eBook device. So what’s a bigger deal: the software + service, or the device?


Yesterday, the blog Mashable says PCs can be pretty good readers:

Although many will argue that the eBook experience is far superior on a device rather than a computer screen — and I would agree — reading books on your laptop or desktop can still be extremely useful. If you’re a student, for instance, it’s much easier to make notes using your computer keyboard rather than a touch screen.

Sure, single-purpose devices work well.

But it seems likely that netbooks that display reader content on an E-Ink screen, and "open" to expose a standard LCD are nigh. That’s good for reading, good for web, and general purpose computing too, and needn’t add much to (not a whole Kindle, for sure) to the price of the PC.

So, I think the software + service is the bigger deal… we’re just waiting the right general-purpose device. This is also where Google (with Google Books software, service, and browsers) & Microsoft (with Reader software and browsers) have landed.

Though I assembled this thought yesterday, today Mashable coincidentally discusses ridiculous, not-at-all-what-I-mean DUAL-LCD laptops:

Two-screen set-ups just allow you to get more done (thus why I use a two-screen set-up). There are disadvantages though, like the power drain two screens will cause and the sheer weight, estimated at 12+ pounds.


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