Boise: Recycling old garbage cans

A trashcan at a food court in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Boise’s “Curb It” program makes wheeled rental trash carts mandatory, and recycling a lot easier.

But you already have a trash can! (Or a couple!) What to do with them? Here are some ideas I’ve heard, and I’d love to hear yours:

Make a planter: Cut the top 2/3rds off, and use it for a planter, or as a form for a nicer looking planter.

Store hoses: Again, cut the top 2/3rds off, and use it coil hoses into in the winter.

Make a compost bin:  I’d imagine a can could be rolled on its side, with air holes added, and used as a composting device.

Store root vegetables: A trashcan buried in the ground & filled with sand or hay, lid on, works to store root vegetables like potatoes & carrots.

Make Halloween costumes: Uh, go as a trashcan? I was a cyclone once, and a trashcan was the frame for this costume.

Keep them for overflow: The Curb It program allows for overflow (over what fits in the provided carts) via $1 stickers. Only trash in cans & bundled sticks with the stickers applied are accepted. So, you might need those cans after all…

Put them in the blue bin? Our plastic Rubbermaid Roughneck trashcans are marked with a 4, and my understanding that’s a type of plastic that’s recyclable in Boise. Now, getting the can cleaned & down to a recyclable size could be a challenge…

Any other bright ideas?

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