“The” Facebook application for Windows phones

Hot off my mention of the Live Search application for Windows phones comes “the” Facebook application for Windows phones. I say “the” because similar applications exist, but never were they called “Facebook” (see FriendMobilizer and SkyBook.)

I use right now, which is a trimmed-down Facebook experience, for a 30-second peek into what my family & friends are up to, and to misspell status updates while trying to walk.

This application’s way more, including inline comment balloons & photo/video uploads… a book in the face, if you will… you’ll be spending way more than 30 seconds with this thing.

What I can tell you so far is it does not help with spelling, nor walking. Test results follow:


Anyway, it’s a free download at the Microsoft download site.

Still haven’t figured out how to install applications on a Windows phone? Yeah, neither have the foremost scientists. You can do it. Download & open the file ending in “.cab” from your phone. (Tip: email the link to the .cab file to yourself, then open the message on the phone and click the link.)

Here’s a more in-depth, more serious review:

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  1. That’s cool Wade, I use FBook on the Google phone, which works pretty well. One thing that it doesn’t do well is integrate permissions, for certain features to work the application guides you to the facebook website for granting the permission, but often hangs and doesn’t provide good feedback that it finished, or hung. Instead I end up restarting the application and after a few attempts use the home computer to grant the necessary permissions. This is particularly frustrating when you are out and about and want to upload a photo and after 5 minutes, you are informed that the last application update flushed your security settings and your photo’s going nowhere.