Boise iPhone applications & developers

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Image by Oregon State University Archives via Flickr

I’m collecting a list of Boise, Idaho-based iPhone applications & developers.

If you know of one (an app), or are one (a developer), please leave me a note.

Here’s my list to-date:

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  1. I’m a developer! :) I do freelance right now but I’m trying to work my way in with a studio. Anything from simple- to medium-level projects I can manage independently. Just looking to get my hands on something big, like components of a web-service based app, or something like that.

    Cool to see friendly faces in the area!

  2. Thanks folks. I’d kind of forgotten about this post. I’ve got a couple:
    I know Mike Ziray has here in Boise. does “Hot And Cold”.
    My friend and former coworker developed “College Football Guru” and a few other apps under the “Guru” name on iOS and Windows Phone. I’ve forgotten the name of his company now.