Boise iPhone applications & developers

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I’m collecting a list of Boise, Idaho-based iPhone applications & developers.

If you know of one (an app), or are one (a developer), please leave me a note.

Here’s my list to-date:

The sum of all fears is 34

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I wonder which was chicken, and which was egg… does “4” sound like “death”, or does “death” sound like “4”?

Tetraphobia, fear of the number 4 — (phonetically similar to ‘death’) in Korea, China, and Japan, as well as in many East-Asian and some Southeast-Asian countries, it’s not uncommon for buildings (including offices, apartments, hotels) to lack floors with the number 4, and Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia’s 1xxx-9xxx series of mobile phones does not include any model numbers beginning with a 4. In Taiwan, tetraphobia is so common that there are no 4’s or x4’s for hospitals. [Source: Wikipedia]

Then there’s Italy’s unlucky “17”, which through a butterfly’s wingflap is the sum of “deadly 4” and good ol’ “unlucky 13.”

“17 is Italy’s unlucky number, because in Roman digits 17 is written XVII, that could be rearranged to "VIXI", which in Latin means literally "I have lived" but can be a euphemism for "I am dead".” [Source: Wikipedia]