How much money is your Xbox app making?

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I recently asked whether anyone was making substantial money creating & selling games for Xbox through the “app store” called Community Games on Xbox Live Marketplace.

There is such a thing as an awkward question! Well, here’s an awkward answer.

According to XNA Creators Club FAQ, revenue for November & December 2008 is rolled into the first full quarter, January through March 2009. And payment comes after that. So no checks yet.

But how about a prediction? According to MTV:

Microsoft told MTV Multiplayer they are currently working on making sales data available to developers. “All Community Games developers will be able to access sales and download numbers through the [XNA Creators Club] Web site by March,” said a company spokesperson in an e-mailed statement this morning.

Well, I look forward to hearing about people paying the bills by building Xbox games in March then!

My son loves RC-AirSim, for sure.

(He loves it more than my Yet-To-Be-Released Ankylosaurus + Price Is Right mashup, but only a little bit, so maybe there’s room for dinosaur gameshows on the best-sellers list. Then again, this is the 2-year-old segment we’re talking about. What I want to know is: where is Baby Smash 360?)

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