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Here’s a free idea to anyone who wants it:

Poolcasting: One person drives to a shared destination. One or more people ride along. This, of course, is known as a carpool. What makes it a poolcast is when guest passengers podcast (or vodcast) from the passenger seats.

This should work especially well in areas with long commutes and lots of people headed to the same place (downtowns, large corporate campuses, etc.)

If the driver financially benefits from the pod or vodcasts, he should also be willing to swing a bit out of his way to pick up or drop off his content-creating passengers.

See also: Taxicasting

The drone of the car will probably be pretty obnoxious for your listeners. It may even cause car sickness. Hey, it’s a free idea… you figure that one out.

And, as with all things *cast, it only has value if you people listen to it, or watch it. So get out your Zunes and iPods. And please, keep your eyes on the road.

(I got this idea from seeing a link to BackSeat Driving With Michael, although that appears not to be a true poolcast, because the guest isn’t in the car.)

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  1. @claudio, I loogled for “poolcast” and didn’t find any relevant references. But “poolcasting”, I see, is your research area.

    I’ll call this “carpoolcasting”, for long, if you will. We’ll let the internet wrestle with itself to see what the short name should be.

    Of course, in my mind, it’ll always be “Steve.”