Is the IE8 update for Windows 7 Beta (KB962921) “IE8 Release Candidate 1”?

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An update for Internet Explorer was released yesterday that corrects a few IE crashes & extension issues on Windows 7, but the word from the horse’s mouth is: No, this is not IE8 Release Candidate 1 for Windows 7.

This update does not contain other changes introduced between the Windows 7 Beta and Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 [via]

The standards compliance & performance improvements in IE8 Release Candidate 1, which I’ve heard are substantial, are still not yet available for Windows 7 users in the general public. You’ll have to keep limping along with Windows 7 Beta’s variation on IE8 Beta 2 until Windows 7’s own release candidate arrives.

The nitty-gritty details [via]

  • When Internet Explorer 8 is installed with Adobe Flash Player 10, Internet Explorer may become unresponsive.
  • You experience a Print dialog box that is unusable when you try to print an Adobe PDF document.
  • After a crash, Internet Explorer 8 becomes unresponsive, and you must restart the computer to resolve the problem.
  • Internet Explorer 8 may crash when you visit some Web sites. (I thought you said this was going to be nitty-gritty!)
  • Internet Explorer 8 may crash when you resize the browser window.
  • Internet Explorer 8 does not seem to remember information that was stored in cookies on the computer.
  • Popular third-party extensions cause crashes in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Previously blocked third-party extensions are no longer blocked after you upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

It’s a girl! (T-minus 4-odd months)

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Finally had the ultrasound today to look at our future baby, and it looks like we can start borrowing girl’s clothes from our old neighbors!

It’s amazing how much babies move around; Coral says she can only feel the significant arm & leg movements. So amazing.

Mekhi’s new book is an “Arto (Arthur) book” on a baby moving in.


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Here’s a free idea to anyone who wants it:

Poolcasting: One person drives to a shared destination. One or more people ride along. This, of course, is known as a carpool. What makes it a poolcast is when guest passengers podcast (or vodcast) from the passenger seats.

This should work especially well in areas with long commutes and lots of people headed to the same place (downtowns, large corporate campuses, etc.)

If the driver financially benefits from the pod or vodcasts, he should also be willing to swing a bit out of his way to pick up or drop off his content-creating passengers.

See also: Taxicasting

The drone of the car will probably be pretty obnoxious for your listeners. It may even cause car sickness. Hey, it’s a free idea… you figure that one out.

And, as with all things *cast, it only has value if you people listen to it, or watch it. So get out your Zunes and iPods. And please, keep your eyes on the road.

(I got this idea from seeing a link to BackSeat Driving With Michael, although that appears not to be a true poolcast, because the guest isn’t in the car.)