Verizon 3G performance in Boise, at 2AM

I couldn’t sleep, so I spent a little time toying with Bluetooth PAN between our Vista PC and my phone, sharing the wireless broadband network from phone to PC with the “Internet Sharing” application for Windows Mobile.

I’m one of those geeks who has a naming scheme for computers/devices. Free coffee to whoever can figure out what my scheme is based on the name of my phone. The scheme itself is related to another obsession of mine, for a 2x nerdish multiplier.

I’ve done this with my work laptop plenty of times, but it’s usually at SEA, or Hotel Inadequatewifi, where I’ve a question that needs answering, and no time to play.

So, here’s the results of the Speakeasy Speed test. Upload speed approaches CableOne’s local max of 500kbps, which reminds me that I need to start pushing out more videos with the phone. Download speed is not-so-great, but fine for doing most things.

This is the Verizon Wireless 3G network in Boise, ID, at 3 bars, to the Seattle test IP. I’m not in motion, and it’s 2AM; I doubt my part of the network is getting much traffic. I’d guess it’s pretty close to optimal conditions.

I’m not clear on whether the speeds are limited by Bluetooth PAN and battery power source.

I’ll go get some sleep now, lest we find out.