Google Chrome review, in the Twitter short form

“Hot damn, you can drag Chrome tabs off to make new windows!”

“I thought I read Chrome’s installer forced default browser?… I installed this evening, and it left IE as default.”

“I read Chrome’s chrome falls flat on accessibility, and I’m not sure where Google apps stand on that.…

“Chrome reminds me a lot of the first version of Safari… fresh and simple.”

“Another fun Chrome feature name: “Stats for nerds” (navigates to about:memory, which compares all browser processes.)”

“A Chrome gotcha: the area above tabs is narrower than most application title bars. Makes moving a window via (my) muscle memory difficult.”

“Also, it respects search provider settings set in IE. (After install it used Live Search by default, since that’s what I was using.)”

“Tried Chrome; it’s awesome. Fun feature names too: “Incognito mode”, “Basics / Minor Tweaks / Under the hood” option levels.”

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  1. I have to say, I really don’t get it. I am about as excited about Chrome as I would be if GM said they had decided to release another model of SUV. Everyone seems to say it’s AWESOME but it needs xyz features from Firefox…I may have screwey logic, but why not just use Firefox?

  2. @Jason I think people who gripe about Chrome missing xyz should (and eventually do) keep using Firefox, IE, or whatever was floating their boats before Chrome showed up. It’s just fun to have a new browser with an attitude & nice performance profile around; it’ll improve the browsers people do use, or kill one of them off, and I like either option.