Google Chrome review, in the Twitter short form

“Hot damn, you can drag Chrome tabs off to make new windows!”

“I thought I read Chrome’s installer forced default browser?… I installed this evening, and it left IE as default.”

“I read Chrome’s chrome falls flat on accessibility, and I’m not sure where Google apps stand on that.…

“Chrome reminds me a lot of the first version of Safari… fresh and simple.”

“Another fun Chrome feature name: “Stats for nerds” (navigates to about:memory, which compares all browser processes.)”

“A Chrome gotcha: the area above tabs is narrower than most application title bars. Makes moving a window via (my) muscle memory difficult.”

“Also, it respects search provider settings set in IE. (After install it used Live Search by default, since that’s what I was using.)”

“Tried Chrome; it’s awesome. Fun feature names too: “Incognito mode”, “Basics / Minor Tweaks / Under the hood” option levels.”