Groceryzen: The premier food chain leadership management system for iPhone

I ran out of olive oil, and I need eggs. 5 seconds and they are on the list. Need something new? Add it to your list once, and next time, it’s one tap away.

groceryZen is an iPhone recipe and shopping application made by developers & designers I know. If I had an iPhone, I’d be saying "I’ve got to get me some of that."

But I currently have the Verizon HTC Tricorder.

And I mean Original Series Tricorder, with the shoulder strap, knobs and 3" CRT.

Get less junk mail

Coral & I recycle a lot (diapers are about the only thing that end up in the actual trash, and Mekhi’s pretty close to being done with those too,) including mixed paper, which is what most junk mail is.

But in 5 days I got 3 Capital One mailings, including one bulked up with bubble wrap, and decided "enough is enough." (Actually I didn’t decide those specific words, but you get the idea.)

I called Capital One and managed to get on the suppression list (I think) using the phone number 1-888-817-2970. They ask for your credit card # initially, tell them you do not have a credit card and want to "opt out of marketing solicitations" as says can be done. They will take your address and phone number.

Then I found these free opt-out systems:

Still wondering how I might escape the Dell catalog.

One thing to think about: will this really reduce the number of junk mail sent by mailers? I don’t think so. Every penny mailers save not sending junk to me will be reinvested in sending more junk to other people, or identifying new people to send it to.

I will let you know if it actually slows down the flow.