Technical updates to

I decided to dink around with the blog’s backside briefly.

#1: Added an Atom <link>. RSS is dead. (Well maybe that’s a bit extreme, but providing only an RSS <link> is lame.)

#2: Removed any RSS badging/links. The fine art of “wasting time looking for a syndication badge when there’s plenty of other stuff on the WWW to look at” is dying. It’s not as usable or quick as letting a computer figure it out.

#3: Removed the search box, and related WordPress search cruft. Search on low-traffic personal blogs is definitely dead.

#4: Now displaying a bit more older content on the homepage.

#5: Fixed validation bugs (a <div> in a place it can’t be, a missing alt attribute on an <img>, and a Flickr URL with unencoded ampersands.)

#6: Changed styles and text a bit.

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