Things I cannot find

I had an epic adventure today trying to find a few different things that are not where I put them, and I don’t know where that is.

So I thought I’d write their names down and maybe they’ll come back to me.

Two Extension Cords: Last seen in a pile with some other things they didn’t belong with. Bath towels, or something. Doesn’t it just kill you to remember thinking “Look at those things, so out of place. Hah hah! It’s going to be painful to find these later, but for now I’ll leave them where they are, because now that I’ve amused myself by seeing them hanging out in such an unlikely place, I’ll never forget it.” OK, maybe I’m the only one amused by seeing extension cords next to bath towels. And I can’t remember even the simplest jokes, so my logic is pretty flawed. Wade, if this happens again, laugh, then pick them up and put them away, for the Love of California Closets!

Backpacking Headlamp: So not in the box with half the other backpacking stuff. Probably last seen being used for non-backpacking illumination… perhaps when I was looking at the spiders under the house. Under the house is probably the only place I haven’t looked.

The Screws To The Telephone Jack Panel in the Bedroom: No idea where these are. They should be within 4 feet of the panel, but they aren’t. Victims of pocketing?

Added The Evening of 11/25:
Ice Cream Spoon

Updated In Shame on 11/26:
Couldn’t find my warm hat for a while, but then I found it, in my backpacking pack. And guess what else was in there. The headlamp. Genius.