I'm goin' vampire huntin'

I go to Walmart. I admit it. It takes forever to get checked out. The place suffers from massive inefficiency and near-chaos. They’re always out of stock of exactly what I came to buy. And of course, they’re evil. But this is offset by the fact it takes longer to get anywhere else, and I find the human drama that goes on there interesting. I try to infect checkers with smiles, and I push my cart back inside so the workers can continue to slack off on Wally’s dime. (What little they actually get of it.)

Today, I bought a weapon:

  1. I’m posting this here because I don’t see any other way to contact you… that little add on you made to that bacon pic… HILARIOUS! You have no idea how much time I speant trying to figure out what the hell that was, until I realized you changed it on your end! HA! Well played sir, well played.

  2. haha awesome! i run my own site, so i can definitely host the pic myself if you would like. bandwidth isn’t an issue for me. i’ll go ahead and grab those pics when i’m home from work. thanks! =D

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