With all the fires around the air in Boise is brown with smoke, and you can just barely make out the foothills from downtown. Smoke also rolled in on us on last weekend’s backpacking trip.

I don’t so much like the haze, but I do like the smell & sting of smoky air. It reminds me of grass fields burning, which remind me of returning to elementary school: new shoelaces, new folders, and eating corn chips in the gap between the trailers (My own personal “gimme some of your tots“.)

Visualization: map of "Soda" vs. "Pop" vs. "Coke"

A map of the generic names for soft drinks by county in the US.

I’ve lived in Kootenai and Ada counties of Idaho (both “Pop 50%-80%”) and am confused about whether it’s “Pop” or “Soda”. It’d be interesting to see color blends based on the top 2 names… “Pop” is slightly preferred in Idaho, and I just have to assume “Soda” is the second (but possibly 49%) name.

I wondered what the strong “other” name is in central New Mexico and some Texas counties?

Ah… most likely a Tarzan Slam.