Mundane Boise news for July 4, 2006

My bike computer was crushed by a Cadillac on State Street this afternoon. I noticed it wasn’t activating, so I pushed a button, and somehow that was enough to eject it 10 feet into passing traffic.

An idea I’ve had for a while: make a “Myst clone” using Flickr. You could make an puzzle/exploration game by taking pictures and using hyperlink notes to connect pictures. Hide clues in some pictures to allow access through “combination locks” made out of other pictures. Jason in the Anything Boise Flickr group used the hyperlink note technique for “close ups” of some rafters down by BSU.

Today was a big day for people watering things. Some guy was taking a wizz in the planters by The Beanery. Very sneaky… but I saw you prepping, and executing, dude. A maintenance person in a cart was watering trees along 8th. The planters and trash cans in that area look similar, and he must have been seriously spacing, because he stopped at a trash can and started to put the nozzle in it.