I Was setup.exe!

The user problem of knowing which program to run on a product disk was avoided in DOS by naming conventions. “Everyone just knows” you insert the floppy disk and run “a:setup.exe.” This is made well-known by instruction manuals and people who shout “MOVE over” and take your keyboard away.

With autorun, a well-known file on the product CD tells the system what to do when the CD’s inserted. Usually it just runs the well-known “d:setup.exe”.

Now we download software from the internet. I queued a few downloads from yesterday, went to a meeting, and forgot all about them.

This morning I found a few “setup.exe” files on my desktop:

… and this is my other brother setup.exe.

Earth to Microsoft… name files you intend people to download something other than “setup.exe.” NameOfTheProduct.exe is a good choice. Pick an icon other than the standard setup.exe one. This isn’t perfect documentation that the file is the product I downloaded yesterday, but it’s something… the only thing well-known about “setup.exe” is that I shouldn’t run it. I don’t even know what it is.

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