Five and a quarter photo album

80 years from now I’ll probably use the peer-du-jour to get nostalgic with Hootie and the Blowfish. It’s certainly amazing/annoying to think that someone will keep this accessible for me, whereas I’m sure it’s hard to find particular songs from 80 years ago.

But I have quite a few photos, and I only store them in a few places. These pictures cannot be taken again.

Some questions:

  • Where do you store them? (Computer, CDs, DVDs, Bank Vault, Flickr, P2P cloud, ?)
  • Is that storage permanent? (I read once CDs don’t last as long as they were designed to. Are we always going to have 120V to plug my computer into? Are ATA drives going extinct? Is my computer going to keep working?)
  • What file format do you use? (JPEG, PNG, ?) Will this format be viewable in 100 years?
  • If formats evolve, will you have to upgrade? Will future Dorrells, wanting to know what things were like in the dark ages, have to do that work? Will anyone want to do that work?

Someone should make a solid-state, WW3-proof, digital photo album that’s guaranteed to store and display JPEGs forever. I’ll probably just buy more CD-Rs.

And I don’t believe in time…