The garage feeling

I’ve never lived in a house that had an attached garage. Being in the room next the garage is a bit unsettling. I’m in there, and it’s like… there’s a garage right behind that door, man… and then I get the jibblies and get the heck out. Maybe if I fill the room with boxes…

How Jello is made

Logs show people get to my site by googling for “is jello made from ground horses.”

I know the answer to this, but I’m not telling. A hint: scientists have been working on cherry-flavored horses for decades.


The company I work for has agreed to be purchased by Microsoft.

I was excited about this at first. The pendulum swings both ways, though, and I’m trying to keep things on the right side.

Now, as long as we can have fun, can see our great ideas come to life, and can stay in Boise, I’ll be perfectly happy to sign up. We have a lot of innovative ideas that I want to see happen. And Boise’s a great place to live and work. How can we change the world?Microsoft has done it before… well, let’s do it!