The commuter

I’d like to ride to work and around town more, but my mountain bike isn’t well suited for it. It’s too awkward to ride without cleats, too scary to leave lying around, and I think it has a problem with “clean.” And it doesn’t have fenders, so then I have the opposite problem.

So I decided to go down to the Boise Bike Swap to see what they had in a cheap commuter, size Medium. I found this…

Blue Cannondale Hybrid

Great price, and looks to be very new!

The chain was all kinds of grimy. It was making my apartment smell like garage. So I put some Simple Green & the chain in a bucket and scrubbed it down. (Thanks Uhl!) Then I got distracted, ran inside for a second, and when I came back out to check on the chain I stepped directly into the bucket. That sudsy, blackened sock means it’s working!