Loved Seinfeld? Try Veggie Tales

Dear Customer,

We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased Seinfeld – Season 5 also purchased Veggie Tales, Vol. 3: Are You My Neighbor? – A Lesson in Loving Your Neighbor on DVD.


Veggie lovers love Vegetable Soup Nazi?

¿Cuántos pancakes quieres?

Whenever my mom would make pancakes she’d ask us how many pancakes we wanted in pseudo-Spanish. Well, we smart(ass) kids know “Cuántos” is “How Many” so we gave pancakes the formal name “Pancakes Ke-Erres.”

Happy National Pancakes Ke-Erres Day.

A topic for future discussion is how a Kermit The Frog puppet relates to Pancakes Ke-Erres on The Day After.