Jayne says

“Dear diary: Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever.”

Maxtor & Mr. Bean

The hard drive in my desktop started clicking about a week ago. Each click left a nasty little note

Kernel: Wash Me

in the system log. Maxtor drives are junk. It’s Western Digital from here on out, and I back things up now too. If I lose all my bits, and vision turns out not to be persistent*, I’ll forget things like this:

Figure 1: Mr. Bean p0wns

I was the online editor for The Sentinel around the time the Mr. Bean movie came out. Someone (I think it was Nils, journalism instructor/funny-looking-guy) brought a Mr. Bean mask with punch-out eyes to the office. After the novelty of being Mr. Bean wore off someone taped paper eyeballs behind the mask and put it on Nils’ door. Nils was either quite fond of the mask, or we thought he was.

One evening Mara and I were faced with updating The Sentinel Online. There was a lot of HTML to be copied/pasted, and there was a lot of “does not compute” smoke coming out of my head regarding pretty girls who might actually enjoy copying/pasting HTML. This was not a very productive work environment. So when the The Dragon dropped in, we were ready for hijinx, and The Dragon is many awesome dudes, one of them a cameraman. We decided to forget about the web and go all Amelie on Nils’ Mr. Bean mask.

We put His Creepiness on a newspaper spine stick and wandered around downtown Coeur d’Alene, taking pictures of him in various odd-but-not-incriminating situations. These were printed out and went on Nils’ door. Mr. Bean went to live with Wes’ Showgirls cup in the back room drawer.

When Nils came in the next morning we were there being unproductive on the website. Bad timing… I can’t deal with secrets, especially funny ones.

* My persistance of vision category is where I write things down before the clicking starts, or before it gets loud.