Little house in the snow

Photo of my parents' house
It never snows that much anymore in North Idaho!

One winter there was so much snow that it was going to flatten the woodshed. We shoveled the snow off the shed and into the yard, making that snow double-deep. It was probably at least 6 feet in some spots. We made a huge castle. It had an actual tower you could climb up into. I always wanted to make a full-size snow battleship, like Donald Duck made in that snowball-fight short, and that was about as close as I ever got.

Contrast that to more recently, where my brother and sister spent the better part of a day collecting snow from the field to make an igloo. They seriously must have cleared out a 1/4 acre of snow, and, while cool, it was pitiful compared to the castle.

  1. Wade, Wade, Wade… you know, I resent that little comment. That is completely not true. For all you out there who believe Wade’s little comment about his alleged “castle”, do not give in to his propoganda! Our igloo, I’ll have everyone know, was the pinicle of snow architecture. Let’s all collaborate and not support Wade in his snow fort fantasy world.

  2. While cool, the igloo has nothing on the giant snow pile castle. Nice work, but let me know when you get a battleship done. :)

  3. I think the name is the deciding factor here;

    Choose from below:

    a) A “snow pile” with a bulbous protrusion AKA “the tower”

    b) One perfectly spherical winter abode AKA “the igloo”

    Obviously, option b) is the key to architectural glory.

    And besides, snow bricks are clutch when making a civilized snow dwelling.

  4. The tower had at least one snow brick. It maybe even had two. OK maybe it was just one. But parts of it could be called spherical… I think it had both the bulbous and the spherical going for it.

  5. I think James’ use of the word “clutch” is an argument in itself. Wade may need to ask himself, “was anything on my snow pile, in fact, ‘clutch'”?

  6. James, can you help me out here? It’s hard to argue with him.

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