The pond

Parkcenter Pond
Figure X: This park & pond is near where I live. There are always quite a few people fishing the pond, which seems odd… although serene and pretty fishy-looking, there’s a busy 6-lane boulevard just to the right.

Little house in the snow

Photo of my parents' house
It never snows that much anymore in North Idaho!

One winter there was so much snow that it was going to flatten the woodshed. We shoveled the snow off the shed and into the yard, making that snow double-deep. It was probably at least 6 feet in some spots. We made a huge castle. It had an actual tower you could climb up into. I always wanted to make a full-size snow battleship, like Donald Duck made in that snowball-fight short, and that was about as close as I ever got.

Contrast that to more recently, where my brother and sister spent the better part of a day collecting snow from the field to make an igloo. They seriously must have cleared out a 1/4 acre of snow, and, while cool, it was pitiful compared to the castle.

The Wilma

I definitely remember walking by the bell in what was either a parking lot, or a park, downtown. Then I peeked through gaps in my fingers to watch “Snow White”. Memory’s strange… I remember doing that, but I’m pretty sure I only remember it because my mom always told me how I did it. I don’t think the original memory exists.

Supposedly I did the same thing at “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, a great movie involving crashing trucks. I was a big fan of trucks, and still remember seeing the hood ornaments on the German army trucks with the canvas backs distinctly. That’s pretty much burned in.

At some point in the early eighties The Wilma burnt down, and I think there’s a grass spot there now. But it’s been such a long time since I’ve really looked around Cd’A, there may not even be a grass spot.