South-Idaho-ism: “needs fixed”

I’ve lived in south Idaho for 10 years, and north Idaho the prior 20 years, and while most colloquialisms seem to be the same across the state, one that’s common in south Idaho (Boise), and I never heard in north Idaho, is “needs fixed”.

The pattern extends to “needs <any other verb ending in -ed>” and the even more unusual past-tense pairing “needed <verb ending in -ed>”, as in “my iPad needed updated.” suggests “needs fixed” originates in Pittsburgh and spreads through “a narrow band in the middle of the country extending from the east cost to Montana”, but the pattern certainly is creeping even further west to Boise.

This morning a typically well-spoken NPR KBSU news person said something “needed fixed”, so I thought this “needed blogged”.

Update: Boise A&E personality Michael Deeds provides another example: “Warped needed tweaked“.

What does "Day And Date" really mean?

I think “day-and-date” is an unusual term walking amok as a warm up.

This morning I was reading a couple articles about “day-and-date” deals. Here “day-and-date” refers to no delay between availability of video (or other) content in one form and another, a hot topic in regards to Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster, and Hulu, and certain to get hotter as more people use these or they die off.

I believe the origin is “same day and date” and it comes from the film industry, but what’s wrong with “same day?”