Visualization: map of "Soda" vs. "Pop" vs. "Coke"

A map of the generic names for soft drinks by county in the US.

I’ve lived in Kootenai and Ada counties of Idaho (both “Pop 50%-80%”) and am confused about whether it’s “Pop” or “Soda”. It’d be interesting to see color blends based on the top 2 names… “Pop” is slightly preferred in Idaho, and I just have to assume “Soda” is the second (but possibly 49%) name.

I wondered what the strong “other” name is in central New Mexico and some Texas counties?

Ah… most likely a Tarzan Slam.

  1. I like this survey! I’ve always been a soda drinker myself

  2. Yep, and I don’t really know these “Pop” people that are hiding, I guess, in eastern Idaho.

  3. I…llike…to…say….POP! There…I…come…out…of….hiding. ooga booga

  4. I call it both, I used to be just a “pop” person, now I say “soda” being around my husband originally from the Altoona area, and me from Pittsburgh he brought “soda” down from there to me. Things you catch from others…geesh.

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