ProClarity Dashboard & Google homepage integration

Here’s a definition for a Google personalized homepage section that allows basic embedding of a ProClarity Dashboard 6.1 view or group.

Definition goes in the 'Create a Section' part of the Google homepage 'Add Content' pane
Figure 47: Add URL to the definition file under “Add Content”

The definition file goes on a publicly accessible webserver because Google retrieves it into a cache. Feel free to use if you want to experiment. Dashboard Server/PAS Server need only need be accessible to those who want to view dashboard views.

This definition needs work… it doesn’t provide any help for selecting a dashboard view/group. All dashboard elements have permalinks but you have to find it and paste it into the Google configuration manually. I’d think a simple thin interface for picking from the views/groups would be nice, but as far as I can tell it would be an out-of-body user experience, as Google only supports very primitive configuration properties. (The interface would have to be a popup window or not fit into Google’s model of having configuration on the “flip side” of the content item.)

Here’s the definition…

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>
title=”ProClarity Dashboard” height=”200″
description=”Displays a view from ProClarity Dashboard 6.1″
author=”Wade Dorrell”
author_location=”Boise, ID”
<MayRequire type=”browser” value=”ie” min_version=”6.0″/>
<MayRequire type=”platform” value=”windows”>This module uses ProClarity Dashboard Server to display OLAP views</MayRequire>
<UserPref name=”view”
required=”true” />
<Content type=”html”>
<iframe src=”__UP_view__” width=”100%” height=”100%”></iframe>
]]> </Content>

Neatstuff AM

I used to feel nearly ill on the first day of elementary school because I was excited/nervous about going. I just sat there in front of my Cheerios. I’d eat them eventually, unlike some people I know. But it was tough.

So I was excited/nervous/why-did-i-get-the-big-coke, didn’t sleep, and found this:

A picture of a menu item that asks why are there no items in the  menu

Kind of a neat idea. If you click on it, it tells you that TextWrangler has no plugins installed, and it tells you how to install them. (With a More Info button that answers the next obvious question… what am I plugging in?)