You're the dog man now

Choice bits from my favorite agressively pointless website:

Typically at YTMND theme and variation is applied in a paste. Mmm, paste:

  • What is love?” is the basis for all good “what is _” variations. Note Jim Carrey’s impressive head-dance technique. My brother and siters used to have a name for this move in our language… I can’t remember what it was.
  • Add Data, Riker, and Picard, and you have “What is TNG?
  • I’m not sure why the AT-AT is a VW… I must have missed a variation… “What is Hoth?
  • Combine the two… “What is TNG on Hoth?
  • This isn’t a TNG variation, but check out the nice teeth action on Chris Kattan, and how Jim Carrey’s head is actually floating, which is quite realistic: “What is NES?”
  1. Hey Wade, I believe the word for this movement is “head niche” Heather and I are at the Cingular Store discussing it, and thought we would run it by you.

  2. Yes, head niche!

    I am sure there is a website dedicated to this but I cannot find it. (If people would use a common word for it like “head niche” it would help. :))

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